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John Paul II, We Love You

Oh John Paul II, we do love you,
great priest, prosed poet and blessed Pope.
God applauded at your debut,
to all creation, you fed hope.

Great priest, prosed poet and blessed Pope,
nature reveled at your Triptych.
To all creation, you fed hope;
Giovanni Paulo, God ’s fine pick.

Nature reveled at your Triptych;
your voice resounds “Be not afraid“.
Giovanni Paulo, God ’s fine pick,
unsteady and frail, strong hands prayed.

Your voice resounds “Be not afraid“,
wise words undulate in the breeze.
Unsteady and frail, strong hands prayed,
you persevered, despite disease.

Wise words undulate in the breeze;
God applauded at your debut.
You persevered, despite disease,
John Paul the Great, we do love you!

Copyright©2006 Mary Davila

Pope Jon Paul II

Photo from Catholic Near East Welfare Association

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