Petals in the Light

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A Fallen Sparrow

This unsuspecting trio, abounding in awe,
On their first birdwatch, on break from the law,
Observed a small sparrow, who found a ledge,
Seeking his prey, as he peers off the edge!

Oh bird of sepia, with a future so bleak,
You scope your path, with nourishment in beak.
Overlooking three floors, you start your flight,
Quite unaware, of you forthcoming plight!

Your wings miscarry, as your plumage plummets,
Only to soar, to the lowest of summits!
We watched you surrender, but had no clue,
The sidewalk below, was welcoming you.

’Til we left that day, in the blazing heat,
We encountered you, on the hot concrete,
Your prey still in mouth, with a kindred fate,
Under our window, hence now so sedate!

Why couldn’t you spread your wings and fly,
And soar with ease towards the pale blue sky?
Oh flightless champion, so still, don’t you know,
Why God has sent you, to this final plateau?

How amazed to learn, the scripture that day,
Spoke of your demise, and blew us away!
And not one sparrow, will fall to the ground,
Without your Father’s will, were the words so profound!
You are of more value, that many sparrows,
Was the message to keep us, on the straight and narrow!

Copyright©2002 Mary Davila

A note about this poem

A little sparrow was on the ledge at work. The windows are an unusual tint so you can't see from the outside in. So birds come very close. This little bird had something in his mouth and our student at work was kidding around and saying "Jump Jump" and then we all started laughing because when he said that, it appeared that the bird really did jump, because he was headed down. But we couldn’t see down to the sidewalk. So when we left work, there was the poor little bird, and our student started to feel bad, like maybe he was possessed or evil. I went to daily Mass and earlier in the week, our student asked what the gospel was and I hadn't paid attention that day and didn't know. So I told him that was a wake up call for me to pay attention. So the next time I went to Mass, after the bird incident, and paid attention, a portion of the Gospel read: " Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father's will. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows." I told our student that I really felt like it was God and not evil that was working that day. It was just too much of a coincidence.

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